Morning Roundup (8/18/21) — Mortgage Applications Plummet, Assistance for Veteran Homebuyers

Good Morning! Today is Wednesday, Aug. 18. Bitter debating continues over the ultimate responsibility for the Taliban’s success in Afghanistan. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID-19. Wildfires continue to blaze out of control in northern California. New Zealand has shut down the entire country over a single COVID case. Tropical Depression Fred is posing severe weather threats for the southeastern United States.

And in mortgage and housing news…

Mortgage Applications Plummet: Applications declined by a whopping 27 percent relative to a year ago, slipping four percent month-over-month.

The Future of Homebuying? A disruptive direct-buyer-to-seller platform is raising millions in capital as it grows in popularity.

Where the Money’s Gone: Why millions in federal rental assistance has failed to reach renters and landlords.

Uneven Cooloff: In spite of signs of a slowdown, markets from Raleigh to Orlando to Baton Rogue are still seeing price increases amid constricted inventory.

Breathing Room: Oregon’s governor extended the state’s eviction moratorium through the end of the year.

Is That a Typo? The Los Angeles real estate market has been assessed at $1.76 trillion this year.

Analysis: How Private Lenders Work to Provide Targeted Loan Assistance to U.S. Veterans