Morning Roundup (6/4/2024) — Does Age Matter?

Good Morning! Today is Tuesday, June 4. Biden plans to sign an executive order today that would temporarily seal the southern border to most migrants. Iran said Israeli airstrikes in Syria killed one of its generals. Anthony Fauci denied claims that he had helped fund research that led to the pandemic.


The Mortgage Note Reports

Time Of Life: Age matters when it comes to making important financial decisions, but when is someone too old or young to obtain a mortgage?

Repeat Offenders List: The CFPB finalized a rule creating a registry of repeat corporate offenders to deter bad behavior by nonbank financial institutions.

Cash Maps: NAF Cash, an affiliate of New American Funding, launched a new tool for homebuyers that tracks cash purchases across the country.


In other mortgage and housing news…

Top Of Zoomers’ Minds: Housing affordability is Gen Z’s top voting issue, outweighing abortion rights, gun rights, and the economy.

Mortgage Forecast: Purchase dollar volume is expected to increase by about 9% in 2024, but most of the volume gain will be attributable to larger average loan sizes.

Home Prices: Annual home price appreciation remained above 5% in April, with three states posting double-digit gains, but is projected to slow to 3.4% next spring.

Size Changes: While the median list price nationwide stayed the same as last year in May, homes did see a price increase per square foot.

State Action: Massachusetts lawmakers revealed a $6.2 billion affordable housing bill, calling it the “largest investment in affordable housing” in the state’s history.

Opinion: A shady financial tool from the housing bubble era is making a comeback.

“Constellation 167”: An iconic, geometry-driven home designed by Eric Owen Moss is up for grabs in L.A.—with a $10,950,000 price tag.