Morning Roundup (5/19/2022) – Signs Of A Cooling Market

Good Morning! Today is Thursday, May 19. The CDC advised Americans in the Northeast to wear masks indoors. Hospitalizations in the U.S. have risen more than 25 percent in the past two weeks. President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to bolster supplies of baby formula.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Signs Of A Cooling Market: Writer Tyrone Townsend explains what is driving housing market trends as the spring selling season continues.

Changing Expectations: Fannie Mae has downwardly revised its full-year 2022 real GDP expectations, along with anticipated home sales and mortgage originations.

Cherry Creek CRO: Rick Hogle has joined Cherry Creek Mortgage as its CRO.

And in other mortgage and housing news…

Competition High As Ever: Home values continue to grow at a record pace, pushing the typical monthly mortgage payment up 52.5% YOY as competition remains high.

Rent Bidding Wars: Desperate renters are offering landlords more money each month as bidding wars for rental properties crop up all over the country…

Airbnb Taking Over: …while New York City, currently a hot spot for rent bidding wars, now has more Airbnb listings than apartments for rent.

Vernon Fights Back: Republic First Bancorp chief executive Vernon Hill asked a federal judge to give him back his additional post as the bank’s board chairman, which he lost amid a bitter boardroom struggle last week.

Capitalizing On Housing: Jarred Kessler lays out several solutions for those looking to capitalize on their homes to help achieve financial freedom and flexibility.

Bezos Doubles Down: Jeff Bezos just made his second investment in the real estate investment platform Arrived Homes during the company’s $25 million Series A round.