Morning Roundup (1/4/2022)– Americans Moving, Alanna McCargo Sworn In

Good Morning! Today is Tuesday, January 4. Apple became the first U.S. company to reach $3 trillion in market value. Chuck Schumer threatened to change Senate filibuster rules if Republicans did not allow a vote on voting rights measures. Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty on four counts of fraud related to her failed company, Theranos.

And in mortgage and housing news…

Bond Market Rally In 2022?: Could a drop in Chinese interest rates spark a bond rally in the US? Some companies think so.

Americans On The Move: Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Florida were the top states to move to in 2021, with most movers saying they chose their new home based on proximity to family, according to a new study from United Van Lines.

McCargo Sworn In: Alanna McCargo was officially sworn in as president of Ginnie Mae, Ginnie’s first president in five years and the first woman to hold the position.

UWM Covid Fears: A former UWM employee is sounding the alarm over concerns about Covid safety at the company’s campus in Pontiac, MI, saying friends and colleagues are scared to speak up for fear of losing their jobs.

Holiday Bills: A LendingTree survey found that 36% of consumers took on debt this holiday season, averaging $1,249. 

VA Homeowner Assistance: Virginia is now accepting applications for its mortgage relief program, with financial assistance provided through the fed’s Homeowner Assistance Fund.

2022 Predictions: Bankrate’s 2022 Mortgage Rate Forecast predicts rates will stay low through most of 2022 as the fed grapples with inflation…

2022 Predictions Pt. 2: ...and elsewhere predicts interest rates for home equity loans and lines of credit will increase modestly, too.

“An Undeniable Issue”: “Zoom towns” in the West are taking action against short-term rental companies like Airbnb and Vacasa.

LA Renters Catch A Break: More than 650,000 rent-stabilized apartments in LA won’t see rent increases this year thanks to last year’s emergency order from mayor Eric Garcetti, which prohibits them until 2023.

“Really Tough For People”: The housing shortage has left Colorado residents homeless after a fire destroyed nearly a thousand homes across two towns.