Morning Roundup (1/31/2023) — Migration Trends

Good Morning! Today is Tuesday, January 31. The Biden administration plans to end the coronavirus public health emergency in May. The Memphis Police Department suspended two more officers in connection with Tyre Nichols’s death. A suicide bombing at a mosque in Pakistan killed at least 87 people.

The Mortgage Note Reports

Master Class: Editor Kimberley Haas sat down with Cindi Bulla, owner and broker at Realty Central Services in Texas, to talk about what she is seeing in her area, how zoning conversations are pulling people together to solve problems, and to offer her advice for buyers and sellers dealing with the current housing market.

Migration Trends: Despite the insanity of the pandemic homebuying frenzy, Americans are actually moving less than they used to, and it’s not because of interest rates.

St. Mary’s Execs: St. Mary’s Bank has promoted both Leo D. Simard, Jr. and Pamela Didio Roy, PHR, to C-suite positions.

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In other mortgage and housing news…

Real Home Prices: Price declines will continue in 2023, but those declines would have to be substantial to erase all of the equity gains accumulated over the last few years.

Swing And A Miss: Wall Street investors are losing out to amateur buyers desperate to outsmart them since they can’t outspend them, especially in the Sun Belt.

A Big Shift: Chris Salviati, the top housing economist at ApartmentList, talks about the downward trajectory of rent and where it’s headed in 2023.

Consumers “Freaking Out”: The flush savings accounts and cheap credit that helped keep Americans spending at high rates since 2020 are disappearing.

Buyer’s Remorse: Many homeowners who rushed into buying a home last year or spent more money than they intended to are feeling the pain now, according to new data.

Home For Good: Huntington National Bank launched Huntington Home for Good, a mortgage product designed for applicants from historically under-resourced communities.