More Potential Buyers Searching For Homes Outside Their Metros

More home shoppers are searching out-of-market in Q1 2022, according to a new report from looked at data from its website on where prospective buyers are searching for homes to identify migration patterns.

In Q1 2022, 59.7% of listing page views came from shoppers looking for homes in metros other than where they live. This was up 1.9% from Q4 2021 and 4.6% YOY.

Pageviews in areas with relatively lower median listing prices rose.

Regions with warmer climates that have historically been inexpensive are the most popular search areas. Southern and Sun Belt markets are especially attractive to out-of-market and out-of-state viewers. shoppers in the Northeast were the most likely to look at listings in other regions, while buyers in the West have started searching more within their own region.

Floridians (22.5%), Texans (25.2%), Ohioans (26.9%), Arkansans (28.3%), and Mississippians (29.6%) were the least likely to be searching outside of their home state.

The uptick comes as many remote workers are solidifying their work-from-home schedules. A majority of workers with jobs that can be done from home are teleworking all or most of the time (59%) despite workspaces opening, according to research from Pew.

When given the choice, 60% say they want to continue teleworking all or most of the time.

“It’s never really going to be a return like it was,” Sam Hammock, who runs human resources for Verizon, told the New York Times.

Recent homebuyers, in particular, are fond of remote work, with 62% saying they prefer it.