LoanLogics Makes Strides In Technologies To Improve Mortgage Ecosystem


The CEO of LoanLogics says they are embracing advancements in technology to better serve their clients and improve the entire mortgage ecosystem.

Dave Parker started with the Florida-based company that works with lenders, servicers, insurers, and investors in 2019. He worked as a chief product officer until he was named CEO in 2022.

During a recent interview with The Mortgage Note, Parker said as a recognized leader in loan quality technology, they have always been focused on enhancing processes as new opportunities arise.

“We were pioneers with AI, with machine learning capabilities, and we’re certainly extending that now by taking our business outcome automation, APIs, and making them even smarter with Generative AI types of technologies,” Parker said.

When asked about what direction they are headed next, Parker said they are working on security models that help support each part of the mortgage ecosystem.

“There will be some things that a buyer of a loan may not have access to. That was part of the original file that a broker or a lender had. Some of that stays confidential,” Parker said. “There’s a lot of science in these permissions that different entities across the mortgage ecosystem are either enabling someone to query about or keeping to themselves. And we’re working through all of those permissions.”

Parker said the goal is to allow more mortgage professionals access to the information they need.

“So if I’m a servicer, here’s what I can find out. If I’m a warehouse lender, here’s what I care about. Here’s what I can find out,” Parker said.

Parker said they have a significant number of team members working on this right now. These people are trained in content management and security models, he said.

LoanLogics is also moving forward with strategic industry partnerships and enhancements to its current technologies.

In February, leaders at LoanLogics announced a partnership with BaseCap Analytics in New York City to give mortgage lenders and servicers greater access to data.

Company leaders at the time said that LoanLogics’ machine learning technologies and services automate loan quality management processes, validate compliance, and optimize human capital for clients, while BaseCap’s technology helps businesses overcome data management and regulatory reporting challenges by identifying data inconsistencies.

“Together, we’ll be able to forge a pathway toward enhanced data quality and efficiency that lenders and servicers need to navigate the evolving mortgage landscape more effectively,” Parker said in a statement.

Last month, leaders at LoanLogics announced enhancements to their LoanBeam income calculation tools. Now lenders can process documents for wage-earners and self-employed borrowers using the same service and in their preferred format.

Parker said their commitment to enhancing LoanBeam underscores their resolve to help lenders optimize their resources and produce higher quality loans at less cost.

“We’re not just providing great tools, but helping our clients adapt to market needs and remain competitive, regardless of market conditions,” Parker said in a statement.

Prior to joining LoanLogics, Parker was general manager at DXC Technology in Virginia, the world’s largest independent technology company, where he was responsible for growing strategic accounts in the banking and capital markets industry.

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