Houston Realtors Ban “Master” From Home Listings

Houston homes will no longer have master bedrooms or master bathrooms.

Instead, the Houston Association of Realtors will use the phrases “primary bedroom” and “primary bathrooms,” the Houston Chronicle reported. The change comes after some realtors said the word “master” has a stigma associated with it.

The Chronicle reported that HAR agreed to change the phrases on its Multiple Listing Service and its website on June 15.

“This topic is currently being debated across the real estate industry, and the national standards organization for MLSs will be considering a similar change that could make ‘primary’ the new standard nationally,” HAR said in a statement shared with the Chronicle.

Don’t expect the changes to go nationwide just yet.

The National Association of Realtors told the Chronicle it is focused on addressing discrimination that still occurs in housing transactions. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, however, has advised NAR that the term “master bedroom” is not discriminatory and does not violate fair housing laws.

“NAR sees no reason that real estate professionals cannot use the term, as there is also no evidence that it has any historical connection to slavery or any other kind of discrimination,” according to a statement from NAR President Vince Malta.