Housing Company Debuts ‘First-of-its-Kind’ College Town Rental Program

A company known for its chain of college town boutique hotels is adding a new wrinkle to temporary housing with an emphasis on travelers seeking accommodations for university events such as game days.

Graduate Homes, which is being spun off from the successful Graduate Hotels, will offer “unprecedented hyperlocal experience, affordable concierge offerings and the chance to stay in the thick of it – and feel like a college kid again,” AJ Capital Partners associate Daniel Schor told MLive this week.

AJ Capital, which manages both the hotel and property initiatives, is seeking “luxury residences” for Graduate Homes, ones that will “ideally be located within five miles of major university venues” and “be within walking distance to campus.”

The initiative will target “an entirely new guest demand and stay category,” Schor told the news service, “as travelers will be able to host tailgates, gather family members and feel at home in an entirely new way.”

Short-term rental properties are tightly regulated in Ann Arbor, Mich., where Graduates Homes will debut, but new city council rules in May relaxed those restrictions to a limited degree.