Housing Company Aims To Give Students ‘Truly Differentiated Living Experience’

A newly launched global housing company is hoping to give students a “truly differentiated” housing experience while they pursue their studies and colleges and universities.

Yugo, which formed from the merger of several similar companies, is aiming to “enhance students’ overall experiences throughout and beyond university and college life” with housing that is “environmentally and socially conscious, emotionally supportive and safe,” the company said in a press release this week.

The company’s “global portfolio” includes “95 properties (living spaces) in nine countries, with 45,000 beds in more than 75 of the top cities in the world for higher education,” the release said.

The company’s housing process was not immediately clear from its press release or its website, though in the release the organization indicated a heavy focus on green energy initiatives.

“The business pledges to eliminate single-use plastics in living spaces and corporate offices, supply sustainably sourced beds and chairs to support students’ physical and emotional environment and educate students on energy usage and sustainable living in Yugo spaces around the world,” it said.