Floify President Talks About Value Of Automation, Integration


The president of a leading point-of-sale solutions company says although artificial intelligence is getting lots of attention in the mortgage industry, there is still plenty of room for “good old-fashioned automation.”

Sofia Rossato, a high-tech executive who started working for Boulder-based Floify in 2022, said during a recent interview that in today’s market, mortgage professionals are being asked to do more with less and if someone has to do the same thing more than twice, it’s a candidate for automation.

“Any time you can look at your tech stack and figure out what automation is available in your tech stack that you’re not taking advantage of, that you could take advantage of to save yourself a half an hour, an hour, or multiple hours a week, that’s a win,” Rossato said.

Last month, leaders at Floify announced an enhanced integration with the customer engagement platform Total Expert. Rossato said at the time that this allows lenders to use the best sales experience automations offered by Total Expert and responds to a growing demand for tools that provide loan officers and customers with a more modern technology experience.

The integration harnesses borrower data previously collected, either from past transactions or during the nurturing process, synching fields and allowing data to be shared. Loan originators can send pre-populated loan applications to borrowers.

“It truly allows for the best of your CRM, which is Total Expert, and the best of your point of sale, which is Floify. Because we have such an updated, tight integration now it allows for the best of both platforms and their features to be used in their full capacity,” Rossato told The Mortgage Note.

Rossato said one of the challenges with automation is that each lender has their own processes and priorities. That is why they provide a configurable solution.

“They have full configurability on the workflows so they can set up all kinds of rules that basically say, ‘If the borrower reaches this point in their loan production process, we want a special video to be sent out.’ Or, ‘We want them to be routed to a different team or put on a different campaign,’” Rossato said.

“The response has been great in that lenders feel like they have more control over the borrower experience and more control over where different types of borrowers go from a workflow perspective without having to do it manually.”

When asked what differences a borrower might see, Rossato said once they begin the application process their information will be routed to the appropriate specialist to help them, whether they need to improve their credit or are first-time homebuyers.

Rossato said her personal goal is to get more people into homes.

“I truly believe that homeownership is such a powerful way to build wealth,” she said. “It’s much more than a house.”

Floify commissioned an independent study of 150 high-performing loan originators in 2023 to gain recruiting and retention insights. The survey found that 89% of high-performing LOs said that not having access to digital mortgage tools is a reason to consider moving to a different company.

95% said that flexibility to customize the technology they use is a top factor to their success and 93% wanted a faster and easier way to collect documents from customers, according to a press release.

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