Dr. Maggie Deichert Advances To VP Of PD&R At DHA North Texas

Dr. Maggie Deichert has advanced from director of Policy Development & Research (PD&R) to vice president of PD&R at DHA, Housing Solutions for North Texas.

In her new role, Dr. Deichert will lead DHA research initiatives and implementation involving affordable housing and self-sufficiency to help underserved communities achieve upward mobility.

During her time as director, starting in 2019, she helped develop programs aimed at increasing housing access in North Texas, including the Children First North Texas program, designed to combat segregation and provide support services for voucher families living in areas of poverty.

She was also in charge of disbursing $24 million in Covid-19 rental assistance, for which she and her team used an automation-driven system based on an equity-focused model which was covered by the Wall Street Journal. The system prevented 4,056 evictions.

“Dr. Deichert’s expertise and support with programs such as CFNTX and the Emergency Rental Assistance program has been instrumental in advancing DHA’s mission of increasing access to affordable housing and supportive resources across North Texas,” DHA president and chief executive officer Troy Broussard said.

“We look forward to her continued support in creating initiatives that allow our communities to thrive as she advances to vice president of PD&R.”

Dr. Deichert attended undergrad at Hofstra University in the Honors College, then attended the Pennsylvania State University School of International Affairs where she received an M.I.A. in international affairs. She was awarded her M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from Vanderbilt University.