Checking In With Anthony Casa

If you thought Anthony Casa would dial things back in the wake of sending lewd video texts about a rival’s wife, well … he seems to be sending a different message.

As seen in the picture above, Casa updated his Facebook cover photo with an old picture in front of a presentation slide that says “FUCK THESE GUYS. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.”

His Facebook profile still identifies him as “Chairman @ Association of Independent Mortgage Experts” – even though he took a leave of absence after swift and severe backlash to his lewd texts and comments.

Casa came under fire after The Mortgage Note and others shared videos he sent to Quicken executive Austin Niemiec falsely alleging his wife Theresa performed oral sex on United Wholesale Mortgage CEO Mat Ishbia in college – though she was 11 years old when Ishbia was a senior at Michigan State. Casa later followed up those videos with more inappropriate texts to Niemiec before Mrs. Niemiec filed a defamation lawsuit against him.

AIME quickly lost two of its three platinum sponsors for 2020, as well a silver and bronze level sponsor. Other sponsors condemned his remarks, with UWM saying “Anthony Casa is separate from AIME” – even though Casa is the founder and chairman of the organization.

His supporters quickly commented on the his updated Facebook cover photo. Here is a sampling of the responses:

“Let’s Go! Vacation is over!!!”

“Welcome back!!!! How was vacation?”

“He’s back !! Yee Haww!!!”

“He is Back”

It does not, however, appear he is back with AIME just yet. He is still not on the organization’s website.