Bonzo’s CEO Says You Can Have It All


The newly named Chief Executive Officer for Bonzo said in a recent interview that a secret to success is building work around your life.

“What do you love to do? What are you interested in?” Chad Jampedro asked while talking about what his advice to young people is.

“Choose your obsession,” Jampedro said. “You can have it all.”

Jampedro sat down with The Mortgage Note after transitioning from home lending to relationship management. He is the former President of GO Mortgage, according to LinkedIn.

Jampedro was a customer and investor at Bonzo before being named CEO this spring. He described the stress related to home lending during COVID.

“It was an all-out sprint for two years,” Jampedro said. “It was the busiest we’ve ever been as a company.”

The automated Bonzo platform is designed and priced to help salespeople attract and engage customers without the legwork, cost, and time.

This will enable mortgage and real estate professionals to spend less time and money chasing deals, according to a press release posted on KFOR-TV’s website in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“Say goodbye to spending hours emailing, calling, and texting just to start a conversation. Bonzo automatically follows up for you until they’re ready to talk,” is posted on the company’s website.

Jampedro joins Bonzo Co-Founders Miles Miller and Jason Perkins, who serve as Chief Operating Officer and President, to round out the company’s executive team.

Jampedro met Miller and Perkins when he was looking for an automation platform for GO Mortgage.

Miller said for Bonzo to have the transformational impact they want they need a visionary leader with experience in all facets of the mortgage industry and a track record of running successful businesses.

“Chad is that leader—and with his guidance, we are positioned to fulfill our mission and ultimately expand into other areas of the housing market,” Miller said in a statement.

Perkins said Jampedro’s commitment to leadership and excellence exemplifies their strategic efforts to expand the company’s footprint.

Jampedro was named 2021 Housing Industry Icon by Mortgage Professional America magazine.

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