Advancements In Technology: Take A Look At Modern Real Estate


Advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies are changing the game for homebuyers and real estate professionals.

Ondrej Linda, a director leading Zillow’s Discovery AI team, said because of advancements in technology consumers today have a better understanding of what is on the market and they can be better matched with a property that fits their needs.

“That’s really where AI stands out as a technology to help you express what you want through things like natural language,” Linda said.

“What it means is that you can come to Zillow and search for homes in the way you would when you’re talking to your friends or to an agent. You would probably say something like, ‘I’m looking for three bedroom homes in an area east of downtown Bellevue,’ if you are in Washington.”

Linda said that virtual tours and other tools help homebuyers determine their wants and needs, while providing them the projected costs of the properties they show interest in.

He also spoke during a panel discussion at the National Association of Real Estate Editors conference on Wednesday. The topic was artificial intelligence and the impact on the housing market.

Sam Scott, director of information and commercial services for the Houston Association of Realtors was on the panel and said they are interested in using technology to streamline the listing creation process.

“There’s a lot of drudgery in terms of doing listing input and so we’re really focused right now on some computer vision work, at looking at pictures, being able to automatically generate tags and then captions for photos,” Scott said.

“If you’re searching for a home on the internet, you might notice that a lot of times, you go to look at the pictures and there are no captions there. They don’t tell you what the room is. They don’t tell you about the room. That’s really a lost opportunity.”

NAREE’s conference is being held in Austin, Texas, this week.

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