A New Home For The Holidays? Buyers Are There Even With Some Sellers Waiting Until 2022


It may be the week before Christmas, but that doesn’t mean potential homebuyers aren’t out searching for their perfect piece of real estate.

Lewis Esposito, a licensed real estate professional at RE/MAX Preferred in West Chester, Pennsylvania, says buyers don’t want to wait until the new year and when asked if realtors are showing houses this week, he said if clients see a home they like then showings are being offered.

“If you have a buyer, they’ll tend not to want to wait until after the new year. If they see something, they’ll jump on it,” Esposito said.

Esposito, who works in the suburbs of Philadelphia, said he has a few clients who are holding off until 2022 to put their houses on the market, so buyers who aren’t finding what they are looking for right now should hold tight.

Shannon Volkodov, who works as a realtor for Virtual Properties Realty in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Georgia, said she chose not to arrange any showings this week but that everything will pick back up on December 27.

“I think the holidays are a great time to show homes, but many sellers choose not to show homes this week,” Volkodov said. “For me, the week after seems ideal. I can’t wait to get started next week.”

Savannah Lavender, a licensed realtor at RE/MAX Tru in Buford, Georgia, works in the same market at Volkodov and said she also can’t wait to hit the ground running next week.

“I have one client showing this week. Most people kind of put everything on hold this week. I like to spend time with my kids this week,” Lavender said. “My kids are even going to my one showing this week.”

Kelcey Morange, who works as mortgage broker for Main Street Home Loans in Linthicum, Maryland, is based in Hingham, Massachusetts. She said this December is typical for them as far as volume is concerned.

“This time of year always comes with a degree of urgency – loans that must close for court or tax reasons, or sales of distressed properties that cant wait out the winter weather risks. Those are still happening: perhaps, sadly, with slightly more frequency given the state of uncertainty many families are experiencing,” Morange said.

Sales of prime, staged, move-in homes are lower, which is typical of the holidays. Most folks who can afford to wait don’t want to show and sell during family times, Morange said.

So should a seller consider putting their home on the market now?

Esposito said sellers who are willing to show their homes during the holidays can make out because the listing side tends to be down naturally.

He disclosed what he tells his sellers.

“So in my opinion, if you want to list your home, I always tell them ‘Don’t wait. There’s no competition out there.’ It always helps to get a jump start rather than wait for the new year,” Esposito said.

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